Your site navigation holds the key to the kind of user experience your site will provide to its visitors. Online users are known to have no patience so that when they visit your online store, they should get whatever it is that they are looking for fast with no hassle lest they move to the next e-commerce platform. We are going to look at how site navigation is crucial for your site’s SEO.

Here are site navigation tips to enhance user experience

– Use e-commerce templates with simple navigation

The overriding principle should be to enable readers to navigate your site smoothly. To achieve a simple navigation, avoid providing tons of navigation options. Having many navigation options will not only confuse users but also search bots as it will be impossible to figure out what your site is all about. Also, avoid having too many confusing subcategories and limit links in your navigation.

– Maintain a healthy balance within categories

It ‘s a bad idea for Google when you have some categories with many posts and others with few posts. Try to achieve a balance between the categories. You can make the categories that do not have many posts as subcategories. Alternatively, you can break the larger category to several categories thus achieving a proper balance. To avoid finding yourself in this situation, it is advisable to have a proper e-commerce template so that you adjust your posts progressively.

– Make content easily discoverable

Content is crucial to your online store, and the truth is that if you give readers more content, they are likely to stay more on your website thus lowering your bounce rate. If the search boats get more content to index, it outrightly boosts your overall SEO. It is a good SEO practice if the content on your site links to other relevant content on your site. You can also add more incoming links to the articles on your site to improve SEO.

– You should optimize your pages for SEO purposes

It is a great SEO strategy to optimize your pages.  Optimizing your pages gives Google a clue of what your site is all about and thus helps your e-commerce template pages to have a better rank in Google.  Add content to individual categories and optimize them to gain targeted traffic that can lead to conversions and sales.